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Chapter 39 Cunning

  • “Jennifer, won’t you do this for my sake?” She pulled onto my shirt from behind and dragged me to the couch. She sighed, “I know you’ll feel upset about it, but Shannon already has Howard’s child. What can I do?”
  • “Mrs. Coffey, please don’t continue the topic. There is no room for discussion on this matter.”
  • At that, I stood up and was about to leave. Susan cast a gloomy look at me before she stopped me again. She then took out a bowl of dessert. “I thought you’d say yes to me, so I made a bowl of dessert for you. Forget it as I won’t insist anymore. Now, just drink it and don’t waste my efforts.”
  • I huffed a quiet, bitter laugh. Did she think that the bowl of dessert will resolve the grudge between Shannon and me?
  • However, under her insistence, I took the bowl of dessert.
  • It tasted fine. When I finished it, I returned the empty bowl to Susan and thanked her for it. Yet, when I walked toward the door, I felt the world spinning around me.
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