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Chapter 33 We Are Married

  • “Mr. Sutton, Mrs. Sutton, please.” The chief ushered us inside.
  • I was still in a daze when Lucian looked back at me impatiently. “Snap out of it. Are you going to stay here till sundown?”
  • He took my hand and I followed him inside the building in silence. This was the time when we still looked like newlyweds, holding each other’s hands and not intending to let go. After all, it was a life-changing event for me and I had to put on a facade, no matter how reluctant I was to get married to him.
  • Lucian and I handed over our identification cards to the chief and we were ushered to the room next to his office to take quick photos.
  • We behaved like total strangers during the photoshoot which elicited a frown from the photographer.
  • “Could you please put your heads together and sit closer to one another?” The photographer gestured with his hands.
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