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Chapter 25 I Hate You Lucian

  • Lucian kissed me aggressively and bit my lips, and all I could do was desperately try to push him away.
  • He pushed down on my chin forcefully with his large hand, and I could not help but open my mouth. Then, Lucian unscrupulously invaded my mouth with his tongue.
  • The kiss was suffocating me, and I could feel my breath getting sucked out of me. If I did not grab onto his clothes unconsciously, I would have collapsed to the ground.
  • The more I resisted, the angrier Lucian got. The man acted like a mad tyrant dishing out punishment as he assaulted my chest, and it hurt so much that I soon knitted my brows.
  • I scratched at his back, but it did not affect him because he was in a suit. Enraged, I then reached under his clothes to violently scratch his back.
  • Lucian finally let go of my lips when I hurt him, but I was too weak to stand on my own, so I continued to hold onto his suit as I panted.
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