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Chapter 22 No Company Will Hire You

  • While my other colleagues continued to mock me, Shannon stared at me with a snicker. One by one, I angrily lay out my personal belongings in front of her. “Take a good look, Ms. Gott! If it’s okay, I’ll be putting these inside the box.”
  • Shannon deliberately picked up a mug of mine to taunt me. “This is not issued by the company, is it?”
  • I snatched my mug back. “Of course not! I bought this!”
  • Shannon smiled sinisterly as she leaned in and whispered, “You’re finally leaving, Jennifer. I’ll have Isabelle mention on your resume that you’re suspected of stealing trade secrets. That way, no company will ever hire you.”
  • My eyes widened because anyone in the financial industry would pretty much be done for if they had a blemished record. Even if I were to consider working as an accountant in a small factory, I would have to look for one that would not require my resume.
  • Unfortunately, nobody heard Shannon’s words. I wanted so badly to record what she had said to show the others what a hypocrite she was.
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