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Chapter 16 Unexpected Cruel Words

  • Lucian stood outside the emergency room in silence. Rage seemed to pulse through the man’s veins when he suddenly punched the wall.
  • “Don’t worry, Lucian. Grandpa will be fine.” I tried to comfort him, but he turned to me and grabbed me by the neck.
  • “Tell me! Why did you tell Grandpa about us? Didn’t you know that he has heart disease?”
  • “It wasn’t me.” I tried to remove his hand from my throat, but he was just too strong. Tears escaped my eyes because I could not breathe. It was as though the man was trying to choke me to death.
  • “You disgusting liar!” Lucian sounded bitter, but he eventually released me.
  • “If anything happens to Grandpa, I’ll make you pay!” promised Lucian coldly.
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