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Chapter 136 Showing Off Using The Husband of Someone Else

  • “That’s right, Mr. Sutton. Just drink. Even though we are only Yvette’s friends, we’ll be your friends as well from now on. How can friends not take some swigs together?” Raising his glass to a toast, a man dressed in a suit soon rose.
  • After listening for a while, I understood what was happening inside. Apparently, Yvette and Adriana bumped into Yvette’s friends when they went shopping. Yvette was possibly trying to show off by asking Adriana to call Lucian to join them.
  • Everyone at the table was trying to please Lucian. They kept persuading him to drink and they even advised him to be good to Yvette in the future.
  • Lucian was trying to explain but he was interrupted by Adriana. “Lucian, they are right. You must be good to Yvette and you should never bully her again in the future.”
  • “Adriana, you’re the best,” Yvette uttered as she looked at Adriana shyly.
  • Everyone in the room thought that Lucian and Yvette were a couple and some of them were even asking when they would get married, to which, Yvette glanced at Lucian coyly and responded, “I can’t make that decision alone; it shall depend on Lucian.”
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