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Chapter 105 Stock Market Storm

  • By now, Adriana had long forgotten the purpose of her coming here. Originally, she just wanted to see me make a fool of myself, but now, it was as though she had discovered a new world as she asked Yvette, “Yvette, help me take a look at this stock. If this stock can really make so much money, I’ll invest all of my allowances from this month in it.”
  • Yvette was still very cautious as she took Adriana to sit down at the chairs behind and said in a seemingly professional manner, “Adriana, there are many risks in the stock market. I’ll first help you to analyze the stock carefully.”
  • With that, she took out her phone and checked the recent stock-market volatility of Summit Technologies.
  • While buying stocks, most professionals would analyze the data, the company’s positive news, and the market share, etc. It was a very cumbersome process.
  • Wearing a serious expression on her face, Yvette kept scrolling through her phone. It wasn’t before long that a look of delight became apparent on her face. She seemed to have reached a decision.
  • As for me, I was bored, so I sat down next to them and also began to check on the stock with my phone. Seeing this, Adriana simply remarked in a cold tone, “How pretentious!”
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