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Chapter 104 Glutton Reincarnated

  • When Lucian came out of the shower, he frowned slightly upon seeing that I was still looking at the photo album. “What are you looking at? What’s so interesting?”
  • I threw the album at him. “I’m looking at how you bullied me when we were kids.”
  • “Did I?” He had forgotten all about it. Picking up the album, he sat on the bed and wrapped his arm around my waist before he started looking through the photos. When he saw that particular photo, the corners of his mouth quirked into a smile. He looked at me, then at the photo before he suddenly said, “You looked better when you were a kid.”
  • Annoyed, I threw my fists at him. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. Taking the album back, I quickly flipped over the pages of the album. As expected, I found a lot of photos of him and Yvette.
  • They looked sweet in all the photos. Even though I knew they were old photos, I still pinched his arm hard a few times.
  • Saying nothing, he took all the photos of him and Yvette from the album, and casually put them in a drawer under my surprised gaze.
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