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Chapter 7 Struck Dumb by Her Beauty

  • Arielle truly never thought of dumping anyone. Dumping Young Master Ziven? How is that even possible? Which woman would ever be willing to dump him? She merely wanted nothing to do with him anymore. That mess in the car earlier was just an accident. It was a mistake, so now that I’m sober, this mistake must naturally come to an end!
  • However, what does this inexplicable downpour mean? Is this meant to have Young Master Ziven hate me? At the thought of Ziven’s possible predicament at this moment, her hands shook, and she almost crashed the car in her panic. I just don’t want anything to do with him anymore, but never had I wanted him to hate me. After all, who is he? Provoking him definitely won’t end well for me!
  • As the rain pounded the road, Arielle finally drove back to Grace Mansion after much difficulty and slammed on the brakes when she arrived, bringing the car to a stop. Braving the rain, she left the garage and swiftly sprinted toward the main house as the rain poured down on her face, washing her makeup off.
  • All of a sudden, a crash sounded, and she ran smack dab into someone since she couldn’t quite see where she was going in the dark night. The impact had her falling on her butt, while the other person was knocked back several steps.
  • “You…” While holding an umbrella over himself, Zeke Meyer’s expression darkened. He was just about to reprimand the careless maid when he had a good look at her countenance and was gripped by shock. All at once, he was struck dumb by her beauty! When did the Grace Family have such a bombshell of a maid? Her petite face is fair and delicate, and her features are exquisite! Her rain-drenched figure appears so fragile that one couldn’t help the urge to shelter and protect her. Even Willow Grace, who holds the title of the top socialite in Baylin, doesn’t hold a candle to her!
  • “Girl, you…” He was just about to move forward to help her up when the girl unexpectedly scrambled up by herself and promptly took off without sparing him a single look. They were in the small garden in front of the garage, and the flowerbeds separated the trails into several paths. In the blink of an eye, the stunningly beautiful girl had disappeared, but the fair and flawless face earlier was already deeply imprinted within him.
  • In the Grace Family, the second daughter—Willow Grace—is the prettiest. The eldest daughter is also passable though not as pretty as Willow. Meanwhile, the youngest daughter is an oddball who wears heavy makeup all the time, making her repulsive. So, who exactly was the maid?
  • In the near distance, Willow, who’d just gotten out of the car, came over with an umbrella. “Why are you here, Zeke?” Half an hour ago, Yoel announced that the engagement party had been called off, so she was over the moon. And as she was in high spirits, she was naturally all smiles.
  • Zeke had been besotted with her smile in the past, feeling as though her smile lit up his entire world. But for some inexplicable reason, he now felt as though something was lacking when he saw her smiling countenance. Nevertheless, she was still a young lady of the Grace Family, so her status was far above that of a maid. “I thought you were home, so I was just planning to visit with you… and Mr. Grace.” He had nothing to do after the engagement party had been called off, so he wanted to come over and have a good time with her.
  • How could Willow possibly fail to see through him? After all, Zeke had been pestering her these days, and he’d been thoroughly defeated by her beauty. I was initially planning to use him to get close to Young Master Ziven, but the engagement party has been called off tonight, so I have a lot to do. While this second son of the Meyer Family is also very much aristocratic, he is of little value if I can be with the eldest son.
  • “My parents will be back very soon. Zeke, I’m afraid that it’ll be chaotic tonight, so how about… you go home first?” Dad must be fretting now since Arielle didn’t show up at the engagement party. I really have a lot to do, so it’s truly inconvenient with him here. “I’ll go and visit you tomorrow, Zeke.” She thought that it’d take much effort to persuade him, but he unexpectedly agreed readily.
  • “I’ll go home first, then. I’ll visit you another day.” Zeke cast another glance at the main house in the distance, a hint of disappointment lingering in his eyes. The countenance of the maid earlier kept playing in his mind, so as he looked at Willow now, she actually seemed increasingly dull. Giving her another glance, he inclined his head at her before spinning on his heels and leaving.
  • Willow was slightly taken aback. Why was the look in his eyes when he gazed at me earlier lacking in enthusiasm? However, she didn’t have the time to ponder upon it because her father—Mike Grace—was back.