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Chapter 242 I’ll Destroy You

  • Ziven frowned and looked at Arielle’s face. To his surprise, there was a sense of uneasiness behind her gaze. “Did Gant tell you about it?” When did the two of them become so close?
  • However, Arielle couldn’t tell him who revealed the piece of information to her. Judging from what Ziven had said, she believed that he was indeed going to Afghanistan.
  • “Can you not go?” All of their fates in their current lives had already deviated from their previous lives, so she wasn’t even sure if Ziven would still survive if he went to Afghanistan and got into that accident again.
  • “Why can’t I go?” He placed his hand on her face, and at that moment, she was so bothered that she wasn’t even aware that he was touching her face.
  • “It’s dangerous.” She was really flustered.
  • Ziven was supposed to head to Afghanistan next year instead of this year in his previous life. Now that he was going to that place earlier, his fate might change as well. What if he doesn’t make it back?
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