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Chapter 10 That Man Was Him

  • Arielle was indeed somewhat weak now, and she was merely putting on a front at this time. Furthermore, Scarlett moved too quickly, so when she realized that there might be marks on her neck, Scarlett was already gripping her collar.
  • Scarlett didn’t show her the slightest bit of mercy. Yanking hard, she bared Arielle’s neck to everyone’s gazes. A sneer flitted across her eyes, but she feigned astonishment and exclaimed, “Oh my God! Arielle, w-why are there so many hickeys on your neck?”
  • Failing to break free, Arielle was dragged down the stairs in a flash. Before she could explain anything, Mike had already strode over to her.
  • “How… How did this happen?” As Mike stared at the hickeys on her neck and collarbone, he was so apoplectic to the point that his hands were shaking. There are already so many visible marks, so who knows how much more is concealed under her clothes?
  • Willow instantly spoke out in feigned propriety, her face a mask of pain. “Arielle, don’t tell me you… truly fooled around with random men?” Then, she glanced at Mike, only to see that he was infuriated to the point that steam was almost coming out of his ears. Naturally, I’ve got to ‘prioritize my father’ as a good daughter. “How could you humiliate Dad like this?”
  • At this, Scarlett seconded her at once, snarling, “Arielle Grace, how could you drag your father and the Grace Family down like this? If Young Master Ziven learns about everything you did tonight, he’ll surely destroy all of us! You’re simply… simply making the entire Grace Family pay for your promiscuity!”
  • That single remark had Mike abruptly blowing his top. Her promiscuity is truly going to doom me and the entire Grace Family! “You unfilial daughter!” Seething with anger, he lifted his hand to slap her hard across her face.
  • “How do you know that the man who was with me tonight wasn’t Young Master Ziven?”
  • Arielle’s comment had Mike’s hand stilling in the air, the slap seemingly losing its steam. “Did you say… the man who was with you tonight was Young Master Ziven?”
  • Arielle didn’t answer his question. If possible, I definitely don’t want anything else to do with Ziven Meyer, but there are marks all over my body now. Judging from the attitude of this mother and daughter duo, they’ll never let this matter go before getting to the bottom of it. I can’t possibly wait for them to strip me bare before speaking up, no?
  • “Dad, it’s impossible… impossible that it was Young Master Ziven. How could Young Master Ziven possibly like… someone like Arielle?”
  • “Why can’t he possibly like me? Are you saying that I’m not as beautiful as you are, Willow?”
  • This remark was wholly convincing after she’d washed the makeup off her face. Men were experts in judging beauty, and Mike wasn’t blind.
  • Having no retort to that, Willow looked at Scarlett with red-rimmed eyes.
  • All at once, Scarlett countered shrilly, “Did you think we’re all fools? Who is Young Master Ziven? A prestigious family like the Meyers attaches great importance to their reputation, so why would he…” At this, she paused for a moment. She was someone of repute, so some words felt filthy were they to come from her mouth. However, she had no choice but to blurt them out. “Why would he be so impatient and fool around with you tonight itself when it’s such a crucial time? Why would he do something so risky to the point of calling off the engagement party?” Then, she shifted her gaze to Mike, her attitude instantly undergoing a 180-degree turn. “Mike, this wretched brat must be lying!”
  • Mike was at a loss as to who to believe, but upon further contemplation, he felt that Scarlett’s words made sense. It’s impossible that such a big shot like Young Master Ziven would do something so reckless.
  • “Are you familiar with Young Master Ziven? How can you be certain that he’d never do that?” Arielle sneered as she pushed Scarlett’s hand that was clutching her collar away. “Young Master Ziven said he’ll personally come over and explain things tomorrow. No, it’s actually after dawn today. So, why don’t we wait another few hours and see what he says?”
  • “No way! This wretched brat must be planning to sneak away in the meantime. It’s not like she’s never done such a thing before, Mike!” Scarlett was determined to destroy her now. I can’t allow her any chances! Just her countenance alone has me wanting her dead a thousand times over! “Mike, this wretched brat isn’t at all remorseful after making such a mistake, so you must beat her severely tonight. Otherwise, she’ll never learn!”
  • “Sir!” At this moment, the housekeeper rushed in from outside. Panting, he said, “Sir, Young Master Ziven is here!”