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Married To The God Of War

Married To The God Of War

Cedric Hubbard

Last update: 2022-11-28

Chapter 1 Disagreement

  • “General, are you sure you want to retire from the military? We need you to guard the border!”
  • “We've received some intelligence about the drug lords on the southeastern border. They have been on the move since they found out about your resignation. The Draco Battalion needs you!”
  • On a warship bound for Jadeborough, a burly man was speaking emotionally.
  • Next to him was a slim young man wearing a raggedy camouflage uniform, looking silently toward the undulating ocean waves.
  • It was hard to imagine this young man was the leader of the strongest Special Operations Forces in Chanaea, the Draco Battalion, and renowned for being the General of the Great Wall of Chanaea. He had also been fearfully nicknamed the Underlord and was feared by all enemies at the border.
  • “I've served the military for five years, and the last time I went home was three years ago. It's time for me to go back.”
  • Christopher Yaeger sighed as he gazed upon the raging white caps.
  • Five years ago, a great disaster befell the Yaeger family, a prestigious family in the medical field of Yaleview, and caused heavy losses. Christopher's grandfather died from an angry outburst, and he was eventually framed and banished from the family. Christopher, once the heir of the Yaeger family, was disgraced and became a laughing stock.
  • He had no choice but to get out of Yaleview. When he arrived in Jadeborough, he got help from Reginald Murray, a former servant of the Yaeger family, and began his life in the military. Three years ago, Reginald fell critically ill and asked Christopher to return to marry his granddaughter, Julianna.
  • On that same day, the military called upon him for an emergency mission, and he was forced to leave in the middle of his wedding and cease all communications with the outside world.
  • It had been three years since he left, and he only recently learned the news of Reginald's death even though it had happened a year ago.
  • By the time he returned, everything would no longer be the same.
  • “Lupine, I prepared a gift. Please send it to the Murray residence another day!”
  • Sadness flashed across Christopher's eyes, even as his tone was indifferent.
  • Three days later, in the Murray residence at Jadeborough.
  • Christopher finally stepped into the house after a long time, and he couldn't help but feel strange as he strolled around the familiar yet unfamiliar place. Five years ago, this was the place he got the chance to start a new life. It was also the place where he married his wife, Julianna, three years ago.
  • Today would be the third time he would be stepping into the Murray residence.
  • Surprisingly, Christopher was feeling a little apprehensive. He stood fearless when faced with the vilest of enemies or raging gunfire. In his five years serving the military, he had been promoted from a new recruit to the leader of the strongest Special Operations Force in Chanaea, which was in charge of guarding the border. He always had a clear conscience toward his country.
  • However, when it came to his wife, he felt guilty.
  • Christopher dragged his feet toward the living room of the Murray residence, not knowing how to face Julianna.
  • At that moment, the living room of the Murray residence was filled with laughter and smiles because Jared, the eldest son of the Cordrington family, was there to discuss a partnership with Cordrington Corporation, and the person entertaining Jared was none other than Fabian, the current head of the Murrays.
  • None of them noticed that Christopher had already quietly entered the living room. After all, everyone was enthralled by Jared's presence.
  • Whenever Jared spoke, he would subconsciously glance at Julianna with lust in his eyes.
  • Naturally, Julianna perceived the way Jared was looking at her, and she felt nothing but disgust. She knew the partnership discussion wasn't the only reason Jared came that day. He also wanted Fabian to announce the dissolution of her marriage with Christopher so he could marry her.
  • In a family like the Murrays, marriage was decided by the family members. A perfect example was when Reginald forced her to marry Christopher three years ago because Christopher's grandfather had once helped the Murrays.
  • It was also three years ago when Christopher disappeared without reason halfway through their wedding, abandoning her at the altar and making her a laughing stock to the Murrays and even in Jadeborough.
  • She had wanted to break up the engagement, but Reginald wouldn't allow it, even if it meant dying. Even when Reginald was on his deathbed, he told her never to blame Christopher.
  • As a result, Julianna had been a widow for Christopher for three years, and Christopher didn't return even when Reginald died.
  • During those three years, Julianna had nothing but resentment toward Christopher. If he hadn't shown up in her life back then, she might have been able to live a beautiful life.
  • However, if she were to choose between Jared and Christopher, she would rather choose the latter.
  • She knew Jared too well. He was an absolute scumbag, and his personal life was a mess. Who knew how many girls he had taken advantage of using the Cordrington Corporation name?
  • Julianna gritted her teeth in anger. Three years ago, she wasn't able to stand up for herself. This time, she would never allow herself to fall into the hands of Jared. At the very least, she would be able to live her own life after marrying Christopher. However, if she married Jared, she would be throwing her life away.
  • Jared's desire for Julianna escalated as he looked at her gorgeous features. He swore to get his hands on Julianna today, no matter what.
  • Of course, he knew that Julianna wouldn't agree to marry him. After all, he had already revealed his intentions to Julianna in person, but she was very unwilling.
  • So what if she is unwilling?
  • I'm the eldest son of the Cordringtons. I'll force her to succumb to my wishes.
  • A woman that nobody wants wouldn't stand a chance.
  • At that thought, Jared suddenly took out a rolled-up painting from the box beside him and said with a smile, “Mr. Murray, I have a gift for you. I heard you like paintings, and I wonder if one of Titian's earlier works is up to your standards.”
  • As soon as Jared's words fell, everyone in the living room was shocked to behold the priceless Titian painting.
  • Fabian jumped to his feet agitatedly and trembled as he unveiled the painting. Indeed, it was an artwork from Titian's earlier days. Though not a connoisseur, he had some knowledge of antiques and knew that the painting was worth at least a few million.
  • On the other hand, Christopher glanced at it from a distance and sneered internally because the painting was a fake.
  • Christopher knew that the painting was a counterfeit not because he was an expert in antiques but because he had the original work. Two years ago, when he was on a mission in Eastern Epea, he stumbled upon a relic merchant who was about to auction the painting. Knowing that Reginald loved Titian's work, he used every means in his power to get his hands on the painting.
  • Although Reginald had passed away, he decided to send someone to deliver it to the Murrays to show his appreciation to Reginald for taking care of him when he was banished. Unexpectedly, Jared brought the same painting.
  • Naturally, Christopher didn't bother to expose the authenticity of Jared's gift. After all, the truth would come to light in a few days when the genuine painting arrived.
  • “No. I can't accept this, Mr. Cordrington. This is too valuable.” Fabian trembled, and he could hardly hold the ancient painting steady.
  • “It's all good. Only the head of the Murrays is worthy enough to own this painting. Besides, this isn't just a gift. It's also my bride price!”
  • Jared cleared his throat and continued, “A long time ago, I fell in love with Julianna at first sight even though I was well aware she was married.
  • “I did my research. Christopher absconded from his marriage on his wedding day, and whether he's even still alive is unknown to this day. That means they are not a married couple. Besides, even if he is alive, he isn't worthy of Julianna!
  • “Mr. Murray, if you dissolve Julianna's engagement with Christopher, I'm willing to marry her, and this painting will naturally belong to the Murrays. I also know that Murray Corporation is facing some trouble. As long as you agree, those troubles will no longer be a problem.”
  • With that, Jared gently shoved the painting toward Fabian again. At that moment, Fabian had long been tempted by the Titian painting in his hand and spoke instinctively. “Sure! No problem!”
  • Christopher overheard their conversation and was enraged. After all, Julianna was his wife in name, and he wouldn't stand and watch another man take his wife from him.
  • What further annoyed him was that Jared was using a counterfeit as his bride price!
  • However, he also knew that Julianna must have hated him for not hearing from him for the past three years due to his special mission. After all, he did leave her on the altar on her wedding day.
  • Christopher smiled bitterly and whispered in his heart. You must have been waiting for this opportunity!
  • However, to Christopher's surprise, Julianna's voice suddenly rang out in the living room. “Uncle Fabian, I don't agree to this. I'm already married.”
  • “Married? You call that being married? Your husband left without a word on your wedding day three years ago and humiliated us in front of all our friends and relatives. Are you aware of that?
  • “Back then, you begged your grandfather not to make you marry Christopher. After Christopher's disappearance, you begged your grandfather again to dissolve your engagement. Did he do it? No. Instead, he made you a widow for the sake of the Murrays' dignity. He even believed that Christopher would come back one day!
  • “Nonetheless, did Christopher return? Right now is the opportunity of a lifetime. Mr. Cordrington is an exceptional man. What more could you ask for? Besides, your grandfather is no longer with us. I'm the head of the family now,” Fabian chided coldly.
  • Hearing Fabian's words, Julianna hurriedly turned to her father and shouted, “Dad, please persuade Uncle Fabian!”
  • “Frank, talk some sense into your daughter. Tell her not to be ungrateful. It's been three years since we last heard from Christopher. I'm afraid he might already be dead! Do you want your daughter to be a widow for the rest of her life? Also, you came to me a few days ago to borrow money because you're having trouble at your factory. If this marriage goes up in smoke, I won't help you even if you go bankrupt!”
  • Fabian had already rendered Frank speechless before the latter could even say a word.
  • Frank had always been afraid of Fabian since he was a child. Every time the latter lost his temper, Frank would immediately give in. Thus, he now said to Julianna, “Julianna, your uncle is right. Christopher has been missing for years. He didn't even come back when your grandfather passed away. Such a person is as good as dead. Besides, you know that our family would starve if our factory goes out of business. Julianna, you should listen to your uncle!”
  • “Dad, I will deal with the problem at the factory.” Julianna clearly knew the direness of the situation at the factory, but she still refused to comply.
  • “Deal with it? If you could deal with it, your dad wouldn't have come to me to beg for money!” Fabian shouted furiously.
  • The others were also persuading Julianna to marry Jared. After all, the Murrays would become a prestigious family if they became related to the Cordringtons by marriage. Not just that, but Julianna's own family could steer clear of their impending crisis.
  • Julianna plunged into despair and started weeping. Even her father wouldn't help her.
  • Nobody was there for her, not even her husband.
  • As Christopher's face subconsciously popped up in her mind, she felt even more desolate.
  • For three years, Christopher's whereabouts had been unknown. Despite her objection and reluctance to marry Christopher, he was still her husband, and she needed an explanation.
  • However, Julianna knew how absurd it was to put her hopes on her husband, who had been missing for three years.
  • “Three years ago, the family saw me as an offering. After three years, do you still see me as an offering?”
  • Just when everyone thought the matter was decided, Christopher suddenly exclaimed, “I disagree!”