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Chapter 192 The Body Is Found

  • Qiao Xuanshuo followed Mr. Lu after he entered the ancestral hall.
  • After identifying the ancestral hall’s door, Quan Xuanshuo pressed his ear against the gap in the wooden door to listen for movements. He noticed that it was dead silent inside.
  • He pushed the wooden door slowly and realized the door was locked from within. He sensed that something wasn’t right and took a couple of steps back before kicking hard.
  • The wooden door slammed open with a loud bang.
  • Sunlight poured into the ancestral hall as he entered the main hall. Qiao Xuanshuo narrowed his eyes watchfully and checked his surroundings, looking for a sign of Mr. Lu.
  • It was bright and sunny outside, but the ancestral hall was dark and gloomy. All the windows were tightly shut, and there wasn’t enough light. He walked around and checked everything; he even went out to search the backyard.
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