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Chapter 179 Destroy Her as I Turn You into a Celebrity

  • Beams of sunlight shone through the clear blue sky onto Bai Ruoxi.
  • She was distraught when she left the mansion. Her eyes stared emptily ahead and were brimming with tears.
  • It was as if the sky was about to collapse. The air felt thin and suffocating, making it difficult for her to breathe. It was so unbearable that she was on the verge of losing her sanity.
  • She wandered through the crowd aimlessly. Perhaps it was her sadness that caught the attention of others, or her teary eyes that left people wondering what had happened to her. People who passed by her all gave her looks of compassion.
  • She did not need the sympathy of others. Deep down, she knew that it served her right. She walked toward a little garden and hid among the bushes. She hugged her legs, with her chest pressing against her knees. Then, she let her tears flow and wailed like a maniac.
  • The wind whistled as it blew around.
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