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Chapter 176 Afraid of Losing You

  • “Ask Ruoxi to come over and talk to me,” Qiao Xuanshuo said word-by-word, his tone of speech sharp as a blade.
  • Miss Miao gulped nervously, raising her head to meet Qiao Xuanshuo’s piercing gaze. As if she was being crushed by the man’s strong, chilly presence, she mumbled weakly, “Miss Bai Ruoxi does not feel like seeing you, which is why she requested for me to come in her place.”
  • Qiao Xuanshuo’s expression darkened slightly as he pulled the business card out of Miss Miao’s hands roughly. The sudden action frightened Miss Miao and she stepped back in panic.
  • Qiao Xuanshuo didn’t even take a glance at her business card before passing it straightaway to Xing Chen. “Go investigate this lawyer’s workplace immediately, and start checking the surveillance cameras from her office,” he ordered coldly.
  • “Understood.” Xing Chen swiftly took the business card before turning to leave.
  • Only now did Miss Miao realize the kind of person she was talking to, and felt a sense of panic in her heart.
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