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Chapter 165 Overreacting

  • It was evening time.
  • The sun was setting.
  • Everyone in the court office had long since gone home. Bai Ruoxi studied the reflection of her cheek in the mirror, noting that she could still feel it throbbing even though the handprint had already faded. A subtle hint of redness remained, which would still mean bad news if Qiao Xuanshuo noticed.
  • She let down her hair, carefully fixing it so that her cheek was obscured.
  • The last time Qiao Xuanshuo pointed a gun at Yin Dao, she was so scared that he’d pull the trigger.
  • In her mind, Qiao Xuanshuo would only aim his gun at invaders or foreign enemies, not a fellow citizen, nor a man of his own kind.
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