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Chapter 162 Stirring Up Trouble

  • Bai Ruoxi couldn’t help turning around to gaze at Yin Rui. She stared straight into Yin Rui’s ostensibly tender gaze and took two steps forward in her direction. “Let me ask you, are you a true friend from the bottom of your heart, or are you scheming to tear my heart apart?”
  • “What do you mean?” Yin Rui knitted her brow, upset.
  • “Back in school, you tore out the pages of my diary, changed the names to Xuanhao’s, and slipped them to him, didn’t you? You even misled Xuanshuo into thinking that I sent love letters to Xuanhao.”
  • Yin Rui’s expression turned grim. She frowned instinctively.
  • Bai Ruoxi couldn’t resist sneering. “Xuanhao and I stayed overnight in the same hotel to celebrate his birthday, but you reported to Xuanshuo that we were sleeping together, didn’t you? You told him I wasn’t a virgin anymore, didn’t you?”
  • Yin Rui kept quiet.
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