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Chapter 159 Working Hard to Get a Child

  • Qiao Yihuo’s body stiffened. He seemed as if hit in an acupuncture point, leaving him completely motionless.
  • The cold expression on his face was like the devil, and the look in his eyes was horrifying. His stance exuding an unmistakable murderous intent as he uttered through gritted teeth, “This is my last warning, don’t you dare touch her again. I will come after the entire family of the one who dares to touch her.”
  • “I’m your father.” Grandfather Qiao clenched his fists in outrage and glared at Qiao Yihuo with his eyes wide open.
  • “So what? Let me warn you, if you dare touch her, I will kill you in an even more horrifying way than Liu Zhong.”
  • Grandfather Qiao was fuming with rage. He held his trembling hands against his chest as he panted slightly, trying to catch his breath.
  • His mumbled angrily, “Trash, you piece of trash. You will be doomed by this woman sooner or later.”
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