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Chapter 151 Shameless

  • Hao Yue returned to the court for work after lunch, Bai Ruoxi wanted to adapt to her work as soon as possible as well, so she headed back with Hao Yue to have her tasks and work arranged.
  • To officially become a new working staff in the court, Bai Ruoxi responsibilities were to record and to sort the court files. She would have to start from the basics.
  • In accordance with the regular working hours, her pay was of course expected to be relatively low. Nonetheless, that did not bother her.
  • After getting to know better about her jobs and responsibilities, Bai Ruoxi left the court earlier to catch the subway back home.
  • Bai Ruoxi received a phone call from Yin Rui while she was in the crowded metro station.
  • Bai Ruoxi stood at the entrance of the subway station with the crowd bustling around her as she listened to what Yin Rui was telling her over the phone. She felt nauseated at Yin Rui’s insincere words from the other end of the line.
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