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Chapter 5

  • Human clothes were not that much different from fairy clothes. Tiana wandered around inside the store, walking past dresses and outfits. She used to wear a lot of dresses and she liked them, but ever since that awful day, she only wore a tunic and leggings.
  • Tiana’s defiance in concerns to the dresses was fending off fairy men. They didn’t like the way she looked, fine, she would shun dresses and make no effort to look pretty. It wasn’t worth it. She stopped as a dark blue dress caught her attention. It was so dark, it was almost black, but it had this beautiful pearly sheen and lace, so much lace. She couldn’t resist running her fingers over it.
  • Then she pulled the dress out to see it better and bit her lower lip in thought. Tiny black sequins decorated the dress, shining like stars when the light hit them.
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