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Chapter 6 No

  • The noise of the water drops woke Alice up from her sleep. She got up from her bed when she heard the raindrop sound on her roof.
  • Alice walked to her window with a smile on her face. She stretched her hand through her window, as she watched the rain pour down from the sky like a shower. Her brown eyes watched the downpour, as the cool breeze blew her wavy golden hair. She loved it when it rained.
  • The cool wind in the night and the smell of the rain, made her feel relieved, if she could she would stand outside and let the rain pour on her. The next second a strong wind came out of nowhere and blew the rainwater into her room, making her wet a little. She giggled, trying to shut the window. "What a day" Alice muttered to herself. She started outside one more time, before turning around. As she was about to walk back to her bed the light suddenly went off.
  • Alice looked around in the room, She couldn't see a single thing. She moved around trying to locate her cell phone, so she could switch on the flashlight. She finally located her bedside table and moved her hand around trying to pick up her phone.
  • "why is it" She muttered almost in annoyance. As she was moving her hand around, Alice mistakenly push her cell phone off the bedside table and it fell to the ground "No!" She exclaimed.
  • "arggh" Alice yelled out in rage. She got on the floor trying to locate where it fell to, after searching for almost five minutes she finally grabbed it. "Got you," she said in victory, as she turned on the flashlight.
  • As she was about to get up, the light shone on a pair of shoes and Alice froze. Her heart began to thump fast, this wasn't the first time she saw something like this.
  • Since she was little she always saw what nobody else saw. Alice tried her best to always ignore what she saw but it wasn't easy as most of the time the 'things' she saw knew she could see them.
  • She knew she needed to think fast, she didn't want to be caught by whatever it was.
  • "ahhh-haaaa", Alice turned around slowly, faking a yawn. She was trying to avoid eye contact with the 'thing' in her room. She walked away slowly towards her bed, but a hand, held Alice's arm suddenly stopping her from walking any further.
  • Her heart rate increased immediately, she was caught. She turned around slowly to see the 'thing' which held her arm painfully and behold her eyes met a pair of golden eyes.
  • Those eyes, she could never forget those eyes, it was still fresh in her memory like yesterday. Alice remembered eyes as red as blood and these pairs of golden eyes.
  • A smile appeared on the 'thing' face which showed a pair of elongated canines
  • "I see you still remember me, I'm not surprised, it's hard to forget someone like me," He said, his smile becoming wider.
  • "I was curious about if you could see me like when you were little, I was right you are really special" He continued, the smile leaving his face.
  • Alice didn't utter a single word as she was too shaken up to even move. The memory of her lifeless parents laying on the ground came flashing before her eyes.
  • The 'thing' with golden eyes moved closer to Alice, and the smile which sent an icy shiver down Alice's spine returned to his face.
  • "I need you to come with me this time," He said, touching Alice's face softly.
  • His palm felt rough on her face and Alice jerked her head away. "There is no use resisting, we both know what would happen to you if you did" he added.
  • A teardrop rolled down Alice's cheeks as she stared at him. She let out a laugh the next second, surprising him. "Are you laughing? Do I sound funny to you? '' he asked, getting riled up by her action.
  • "Yes, you do" Alice finally found her which came out as almost a whisper. "You can kill me or whatever, I don't care. I would rather die than follow you" she spat out, even though she was scared out of her mind.
  • "You will soon be, I promise." The man said, grabbing Alice's neck tightly the next second.
  • "I could easily snap your next, but that would be no fun" he snarled, pushing Alice till her back was on the wall. Alice tried to drag with him but it was futile just like when she was little. He was so strong, a normal human couldn't have strength like him, she wasn't a match against him.
  • Alice didn't want to die this way. She wanted to fight for her life, but she couldn't. She felt the air leaving her lungs as he strangled her. Her legs were coming off the ground, and Alice was getting weaker by the second.
  • "We don't have to do this the hard way you know" He started as he strangled her with his hands more firmly.
  • "I'm not as bad as you think, we could make a great team" He continued, waiting for her to stop dragging. Alice could feel herself succumbing to the darkness, was she dead already? She wondered. At least she could see her parents again, she thought.
  • As Alice felt the last bit of life leave her body, her room door was shattered into pieces and the next second she felt The hand on her neck release her.