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In Love With A Lycan

In Love With A Lycan


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Silent Night

  • little Alice was tucked in her bed. Her strawberry blond curly hair was tied in a messy bun. Her pink lips formed a cute yawn as sleep was about to take her.
  • Her mom sat beside her, as Alice fought her drowsiness. She wanted to hear her mom's story, but she was sleepy.
  • "Let's continue the story tomorrow, Good night darling…" her mother kissed her forehead before she stood up. But Alice's little hand stopped her before she turned off the bedside lamp.
  • "Mommy, I still want to hear the whole story, please, pretty please" she pleaded with her mom, making a cute face.
  • "No Alice, it's time for bed already. You are dozing already, I promise to tell you the whole story tomorrow, okay?" Her mother assured her
  • "But mom.." Alice tried to protest but was interrupted by her mother.
  • "No buts honey, you have school tomorrow" her mom declared.
  • "Okay Mommy, Good night," little Alice said in a sad tone, which made her mother smile. Her mother kissed her forehead once again before she turned off the light walking out of the bedroom.
  • Alice Baker lay wide awake, looking at the ceiling of her room. She couldn't seem to fall asleep, even though she was drowsy a while ago.
  • The darkness of the night felt like a mist covering Alice. A loud bang was heard from the living room after a while, making Alice yelp. She stood up when she heard the screams of her mom from the living room.
  • She walked slowly to the door of her room, her heart thumping fast.
  • "Mommy…" She called her mother's name softly. "Mommy…" She called again when she heard more screams.
  • Alice walked out of the room and stood at the entrance of the living room. She became frozen with shock by what she saw. She saw a glimpse of two dead bodies. Blood oozed out of the wounds on her parent's body.
  • "Mommy! Daddy!" She cried out in horror. The scene was too terrifying for her to bear. Her parents lay side by side lifeless. Alice couldn't take the sight, and the next second she passed out of shock.
  • A man emerged from the shadows and walked to where Alice laid on the ground, he stared at her for some seconds before squatting down.
  • His cold hands carried Alice's little body up, he looked at her curiously.
  • "You didn't tell me that they had a child, you fool" came the man's angry voice.
  • Another man, with eyes as red as blood, emerged from the side of the living room, he walked to where the man was standing.
  • "I had no idea that they had a child" The red-eyed man snarled back at the man.
  • "Let her join them," he added, glancing at the lifeless bodies lying close to them.
  • The man glanced at the little girl in his hands, she looked so innocent and fragile. He looked up and glared at his partner.
  • "She's just a child," He said, glancing at her.
  • "Since when did we care about that" he spat back at the man.
  • Little Alice opened her eyes slowly hoping everything that happened was just a nightmare. Her eyes met a pair of blue eyes, He smiled at her and Alice jerked wide awake. His smile.
  • His smile was so terrifying, showing his elongated canines from his gums. Alice screamed out in a sob.
  • "It's okay, don't cry" The man tried to calm her down, but it only made Alice cry the more.
  • "Shut up, girl!" The red-eyed man snapped at Alice, scaring her even more.
  • "Don't yell at her, she is terrified" The man snarled at his partner.
  • "I'm pretty sure she is more terrified of you than me" The red-eyed man muttered, staring at the man's elongated canines.
  • With both of them distracted, little Alice found a way to escape from the hands of the man, but before she could run, the red-eyed man caught her.
  • He held her neck trying to strangle her, she couldn't breathe, let alone scream for help. Her body was trembling uncontrollably.
  • She was breathless.
  • Alice tried to struggle with the red-eyed man, but it was futile as she was just a little girl. She felt her vision go blurry, as she was about to be pulled into the darkness calling out to her.
  • "Let her go!" The man with the elongated canines yelled.
  • The red-eyed man looked at his partner, before releasing Alice. Her little body collapsed to the floor in pain as she gasped for air.
  • "We are to leave no loose ends" growled the red-eyed man at his partner.
  • "She is just a child, Jared leave her be" the man replied, rolling his eyes.
  • "I'm sure she won't remember us by tomorrow, so let's just go before people notice something is wrong '' He added, walking to the front door.
  • The red-eyed man still stood unmoving.
  • "Did you hear me? I said we should leave" The man turned back to look at him, with a question on his face.
  • "I'm not leaving till we are done" he growled at the man, as he shifted
  • Alice's eyes grew wide with shock as she stared at the man.
  • "Stop!" the man with the elongated canines yelled.
  • He looked at Alice and surprised Face curiously, she was staring at the red-eyed man shocked.
  • "I think she can see you" The man gestured towards Alice.
  • The red-eyed man changed back to his human form, a surprise visible on his face.
  • "That's Impossible, human can't see us when we shift". No ordinary human could see shapeshifters in their other form. But Alice was an exception.
  • "You f**king idiot!" The man snarled, clenching his head in annoyance
  • "I think she might be useful to us" The red-eyed man suggested.
  • "Wasn't she a loose end to you a while ago, despicable shapeshifters" The man muttered in a mocking tone.
  • "What did you just say!" The red-eyed man snapped in annoyance.
  • He shifted again when he roared "You are going to regret your words" He lurched forward on the other man.
  • But the man held his neck, stopping him.
  • "What are we going to do about her, what if she talks?" The red eyes asked his partner, almost in a panic.
  • "Who would believe her?, They would only think she has been traumatized" Came the men.
  • The red-eyed man freed himself from the grip of the man and attacked viciously.
  • The man fought back. The sound of bone cracking and growls were deafening.
  • Alice placed her hand on her ears, with her eyes closed shot. the tormenting screams didn't help her feel better. Finally, after the long fight, there was silence.
  • "Come here girl!" the Man with the elongated canines called out to Alice who was whimpering now. Alice's eyes fluttered open slowly, as she glanced at the lifeless body on the ground. The red-eyed man layed there dead, as blood streamed from his body.