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Chapter 168 Victim Of Circumstances

  • "All of you are pathetic,” Jared said in a mocking tone. Ash walked back and forth in front of him and it was making him a little dizzy. “I don't think he will talk that easily,” Maximus said and Darius nodded in agreement. He hated his guts of Jared, even though he too was a shapeshifter. He just couldn't stand shapeshifters pulling their hands in dark magic, it repulsed him. Because of Jared and some foolish others, shapeshifters were seen as despicable people. “You are the real pathetic one,” Darius said through gritted teeth. He was finding g it hard to hold back his anger. He wanted to snap Jared's head off. A sneer and Darius couldn't take it anymore. “Calm down” Darius was about to bite the living hell out of Jared but Saphira stopped him. “ I see why you can't talk” She said to Jared who still had an annoying smile on his face. Ash said nothing and just watched in silence as Saphira took hold of Jared's jaw. “You are one beautiful witch, you know that Saphira. You looked the same as I remembered. F*cking gorgeous” Jared stared at Saphira with flirtatious eyes. His words didn't seem to have any effect on the witch.
  • “He is under an oath. If he tries to talk, his body will be damaged beyond repair” Saphira explained to the small group in the room. Maximus scoffed at this information, it wasn't even surprising to him. The dark witches weren't to be underestimated. “Can you break it? '' Ash finally said something. “No” a sigh left Saphira's mouth. “It's dark magic, a strong one at that. If I try to break it, it may backfire and destroy his body faster.” She added. “He is of no use then. We should have let them take him, this was such a waste of time” Darius hissed. “All of you make me laugh, '' Jared started. “What is he going to say now, why wouldn't he just shut his damn mouth? '' Maximus muttered. Saphira and Ash raised their eyes slowly to look at Jared. They wanted to hear what he had to say.
  • “We all hate those despicable lycans. If we join forces, we able to stop them for good” Jared couldn't understand this group. Were they against the lycans or they were helping them? Why did they join in saving that child of the prophecy? For Saphira, he could understand, but for the rest, he couldn't. How did they come together? A werewolf, a halfbreed, a witch and a shapeshifter. It was an unlikely group. “I wonder when your life became too screwed up” Saphira muttered but loud enough for Jared to hear. “Screwed up! What do you mean screwed up! I have More power than you can imagine!” Jared looked mad at Saphira but the witch just clicked her tongue and shook her head.
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