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Chapter 52

  • Falak's POV
  • "No, Dad," I screamed loudly because I really thought that he would kill Lance for saying something so stupid, but all of a sudden, Uncle came between Lance and dad. I didn't see him reaching near Lance!
  • It might be because I was so engrossed in all the other things that I didn't notice that.
  • "Step aside, Vyom," Dad roared angrily.
  • But Uncle didn't move an inch. Dad glared at him, but he stayed in his position, unaffected by dad's angry glare. I was praying to god that because of this incident, they wouldn't raise their hand to each other.
  • That would be the last thing in the world that I wanted to happen because if that happened, then the relationship between Dad and Aunt Pragati would come to be at stake; after all, Uncle was the husband of dad's sister.
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