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Chapter 48

  • Falak's POV
  • When everyone saw Klaus's injuries the following day, they started answering numerous types of questions related to this!
  • But thankfully, Mayan took responsibility for it, stating that his protective brother turned on him when he found Klaus too close to me. I couldn't say about the others, but I was sure that Dad would have guessed the real reason behind Klaus's damaged face.
  • Since it was the wedding day, there was a lot of work to do and check all the arrangements. That's why I was running here and there with some or the other work, and Ashley was helping me as my right hand.
  • "Your Lover is calling you again.", Ashley commented on who had held my phone. Because my hands were filled with plates full of sweets and I had no pocket in the dress which I was wearing.
  • I looked around and found him on the second floor; he was angrily looking at me. I pouted and showed him the plates. I hope he would understand that I couldn't spend time with him, at least not now.
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