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Chapter 45

  • Falak's POV
  • I thought about talking about Camella Reynolds with Angela, but she was sleeping peacefully to confirm that whatever I was thinking was correct or not! Because if my intuition came right then, I had to either ask Camella not to share this news with others. It would be better if I would share this news with them on my own, especially my brother. Kush and Mayan were too protective for me. Maybe because I finally returned home after all these years.
  • Talking about my uncles, I was sure that they would talk or discuss before taking any action, but I couldn't say the same for my brothers. They would hit Klaus first and talk later.
  • I knocked on the room which was allotted to Klaus and Jacob. I hope they wouldn't have any problem with it because the room was big enough for two people.
  • "Hey!" I smiled when Klaus opened the door. He glared at me and went inside the room. I closed the room and walked behind him. I looked around, and Jacob was not there.
  • "Where is Jacob?" I asked.
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