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Chapter 42

  • Falak's POV
  • "I'm for real.", I added, and these words seemed to give him electroshock, and he suddenly got agitated. "I missed you so much, Falak! I missed a lot. Please punish me but don't leave me."
  • I put my hands on his cheeks, looking into his eyes, trying to calm him down. Our faces were so close. He kept shaking his head, whispering a lot of pleading in a broken voice.
  • "Klaus, calm down," I murmured calmly.
  • "No. I'm going to keep pleading or begging until and unless you change your mind so as not to leave me."
  • "I wouldn't be here if I would have to leave YOU.", I pointed out, to which he looked at me in surprise. "I'm sorry for breaking my promise then! But Ash made me realize that I was doing so wrong with you.", I explained.
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