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Chapter 31

  • Falak’s POV
  • Finally, it was Friday and the 8th of April. As he had said that he wouldn’t be able to spend time with me, he really couldn’t. I tried to sleep last night without him by my side, but I ended up screaming and crying because the boogieman of my dream returned, finding me alone. And he didn’t let me sleep. Not only this, for the last two days, I had a feeling that someone was following me or watching my every moment.
  • I knew even HE had a habit of keeping an eye on me to keep a tab on my every activity, but unlike this time, I never felt like someone’s eyes were on me all the time.
  • As Ashley once asked that ‘Don’t you feel scared with the thought of someone stalking you all the time?’
  • I have been feeling scared for the last two days.
  • I shook my head to avoid this negative thought. It was my boyfriend’s birthday today. Yes, BOYFRIEND, we were now in a relationship. I might be moving too fast in taking this relationship ahead, but then I felt so right with him, and he would be the one for me.
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