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Chapter 190 Stop Thinking About the Impossible Again

  • Logan threw a glance at Luke and couldn't help thinking how great it would be if Luke was telling the truth.
  • If Luke really managed to give up on Madeline, it would mean that they would finally be able to bring her back to Capitol to fulfill his lifelong dream. He would then be able to let her live in the big villa, wear pretty clothes, and eat good food…
  • The brothers had practically been with each other their whole lives. Hence, there were a lot of things they didn't need to use words to understand one another.
  • Luke caught the look his brother was throwing at him, and he knew immediately what Logan was thinking. "Logan, I am speaking the truth. I have thought about it properly. I don't think me and Maddie have a chance anymore. I—"
  • A knock on the door cut him off mid-sentence.
  • After Quinton marched over to open the door, they were greeted by the sight of Edward walking in with a medicine box. The first thing he did was bow to the owners of the house. "Young Master, Mrs. Hart," he greeted.
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