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Chapter 23

  • Chapter Twenty Three
  • Ellie sat in front of her canvas, completely lost in her sister’s memory. She hadn’t seen her in over four months. She worried how she was, if she was finally happy, if she was fine and especially if she still hated her. Ellie had tried to contact her, but after a few times of rejecting her calls, emails and letters, Ellsa changed her phone number, her email and her mailing address. She’d shut Ellie out of her life completely, as if she had been wronged, when it was the other way round!
  • But that didn’t stop Ellie from missing her or feeling guilty. Ellie had a family, but she was all Ellsa had. Her parents would be disappointed in them, fighting over a man.
  • But he isn’t any man! He is the father of my daughter and my fiancé! Ellie thought to herself.
  • She raised her left hand and looked at the big, but subtle diamond ring on her finger. Dale had proposed only days after the incident. Ellie felt like it was his way of ensuring himself of her love. She said yes, but it was a hesitant yes. But there was nothing hesitant about the intense lovemaking after. That was his way of ensuring her of his love. She was reassured alright, five times.
  • “The canvas is still blank. You are either thinking of a wedding date or you are thinking of Ellsa.” Carson spoke, behind her.
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