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Chapter 39

  • Chapter Thirty Nine
  • “My sister kidnapped Stacey-Ann, shot you and you almost died. Jamey almost died, I almost died and Ellsa...” she yelled. “My sister was on a mission to kill everyone I cared about in this world and you think I hate you?” She cried. “I’m in pain Dale, and my family is suffering for it, and I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to fix it.”
  • Carson wrapped her up in his arms. That was the first time he’d seen her cry in months. “It’s going to be okay.”
  • “No it’s not. Not for those families who lost their sons because of me.”
  • “It’s not your fault, your sister suffered a psychotic break. We are just lucky you’ve managed to stay sane after everything you’ve been through.”
  • She cuddled herself tighter against his chest. “I’m still alive.”
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