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Chapter 40

  • Epilogue: Introducing Fatal Obsession
  • The doctor turned to the loud rap on his door. He pulled his desk draw open, exposing a syringe and a gun. He looked at the gun; that was one thing he never thought he’d need when he began his psychiatry course. But he needed it, being the psychiatrist to the criminally insane.“Come in.” He announced.
  • The door pushed open and the patient lingered, “Am I disturbing you?” She asked innocently.
  • He shifted his hand on his lap, closer to the draw. She was probably the worst patient he had in the mental institution. “Of course not, come in. How may I help you?”
  • “It’s Christmas and I was hoping to call my sister. It’s the first one we’ve spent apart.”
  • he looked her over. No obvious twitches, eyes were clear, her hair combed and braided to the side. Her hospital gown and sweater looked clean, no droll, no spilled food. His gaze shifted back to her eyes. Still clear, still looking lucid... very few people looked lucid in here. Was she taking her meds?"Doc?" she called to him, a smile slowly spreading over her lips.
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