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Chapter 12

  • Chapter Twelve
  • “A cop stopped them on their way home after their date night and the cop just shot them both dead! What reason could he have to do that? To end the lives of the only two most wonderful people I knew, like they didn’t mean shit!” The tears now running down her eyes were of hate and anger.
  • “Ellie...”
  • “He said the car couldn’t belong to them and if it did, they were most definitely drug dealers!” She half yelled, the anger shaking her voice. “They turned our lives upside down trying to prove that asshole’s claims. And when they found nothing, they covered up for him. The rest of you covered up for him!”
  • “Ellie I wasn’t there,” He said with understanding, but he knew that wouldn’t soothe her one bit. “What was the cover story?”
  • “He acted in self defense when my dad tried to shot him,” she smiled bitterly, “The funny thing is they didn’t find a gun.”
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