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Chapter 18

  • Chapter Eighteen
  • “How are you holding up?” Richard walked into Carson’s hospital room, a gloomy look on his face.
  • “Hey, I’m okay.” Carson smiled. He sat on the bed shirtless, a nurse wrapping a bandage around his wounded arm. “It’s just a scratch, unlike the other guy.”
  • “It was a through and through Carson. It could have hit an artery and you could be dead like the other guy.”
  • “I know and it’s just one more bullet hole, no biggy, relax.” He knew how close he was to being dead, to never seeing his child and having one of his nightmares come true. He knew, but he didn’t want to think about it. If he was to keep doing this job, at work his state of mind needed to remain that of a care free bachelor.
  • “Girls love battle wounds,” the nurse said, smiling sweetly at Carson, “Nothing’s hotter.”
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