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Chapter 443 To Me, She’s a Nobody

  • “That was a coincidence! I met him when I went shopping! Besides, we knew each other since childhood, so our relationship is different from those of anybody else.”
  • “Is that so? How’s it different?” With a hint of mockery in his eye, Eric stared at me with indifference.
  • “Don’t you dare look at me like that! There’s nothing between us!” The look he wore riled me up.
  • “Are you sure? While that might be the case, from what I gather, Dylan had been withholding himself from relationships as he is waiting for you.”
  • “What kind of nonsense is that? He did that because he hasn’t met the one for him yet! We wouldn’t have waited until now if he does feel something for me!”
  • “That might not be true. There are people who would never regret their actions until it’s too late.”
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