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Chapter 43 Who’s Camille Sanders

  • “You’re familiar with him?” I asked.
  • “Not exactly. I’ve just seen him a few times at social events,” Isabella answered.
  • At this time, the woman was quickly wheeled in. Upon seeing Eric limping as he followed, his shirt all bloodied, the hospital director cautiously asked, “President Walker, Miss Sanders and the child will be fine with Sally here. Why don’t you get checked over?”
  • “It’s fine,” Eric declined, limping after her.
  • When Isabella heard the hospital director’s remark, she abruptly exclaimed, “Could this Miss Sanders be Camille Sanders?” Her voice was a tad loud, so Eric’s head snapped around as he cut his gaze to us. The look in his eyes was extremely wintry, chilling one to the bone. The moment his eyes met mine, however, his gaze softened considerably all of a sudden. Nevertheless, both Isabella and I shuddered at his stare.
  • His brows tightly knitted, Eric walked over and stopped before us. “This is a private matter, so please keep this between us,” he murmured softly. Isabella and I both nodded instinctively. Looking at me, he opened his mouth slightly and was just about to extend a hand when he noticed the blood all over him. In the end, he said nothing, merely dipping his head at us before whirling around and leaving. Isabella and I didn’t dare tarry here either, so we hurriedly left.
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