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Chapter 38 Don’t Act All Lovey-Dovey With Her

  • Isabella merely chatted with me briefly before hanging up the phone. I was initially planning to drink the milk Carson brought me, but his reminder earlier sparked off my rebellious streak, so I poured the milk down the sink instead of drinking it. After discarding the milk, I then slipped into bed and lay down. While I remained lying on the bed, I just couldn’t sleep. During this time, Carson came in once. Standing by the bedside, he stared at me for a while and even extended a hand to touch my forehead, but I kept my eyes closed and feigned sleep throughout it all. In the end, he left with the empty glass that was used for the milk just now.
  • After leaving, he didn’t come back again for a long time. For some inexplicable reason, I hadn’t been sleeping well recently, and tonight was no exception. I’d been lying on the bed for a long time, yet I didn’t feel at all drowsy. Time slowly ticked by, and the night gradually deepened. It’s silent outside, so everyone in the house has probably gone to bed, but he still hasn’t returned.
  • Just when I was wondering why he’d yet to come to sleep, the door swung open, and Carson entered the room while softly calling out, “Honey.” Naturally, I ignored him and continued feigning sleep with my eyes closed. He then walked over to the side of the bed and nudged me. Upon receiving no response, he then left again.
  • This time, he didn’t return after leaving. It’s already 2:00 in the morning, so why isn’t he back yet? Finding it extremely strange, I slipped out of bed and opened the door gently. Only the wall lamp in the living room was lit, so the house appeared rather dim. I quietly padded over to the study, but it was very silent in there, not a sound to be heard. After a moment’s hesitation, I softly pushed open the door. This is strange. There’s no sign of him in there. Where could he be at such an hour if not the study? Out of the blue, a thought flashed across my mind. Could it be? I then stealthily crept to Jolene’s room, and sure enough, flirtatious laughter drifted out of her room.
  • “How was it? Was it good?”
  • “Of course. You know what? I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in a long time.”
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