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Chapter 30 I’m Sick

  • “The housekeeper has the day off, so she has gone home.”
  • “Gone home? Why did she go home?” My sister-in-law raised her voice in utter displeasure. “Lily is another one! How could she give her the day off at such a time?”
  • “Why not?” Isabella scoffed. “Are you saying that Lily has to ask for your permission before giving the housekeeper the day off?”
  • Her tone was severe, leaving Eliza momentarily stunned. She then instinctively shifted her gaze to the bed, only to see me lying there motionless. Since she wasn’t Isabella’s match, she had no choice but to explain herself, saying, “That’s not what I meant. It’s just that Mom and Dad haven’t even had breakfast yet at this time.”
  • It sounded as though her parents wouldn’t have any food if there wasn’t a housekeeper at home. Isabella wasn’t me, so she naturally wouldn’t let this issue slide. “Eliza, you’re not a child anymore, are you? Don’t tell me you can’t even cook breakfast for your parents?”
  • “Er…” Eliza stammered, not knowing how to respond. When she poked her head into my bedroom and saw me still unresponsive, she finally realized that something was amiss. “Miss Owen, what’s wrong with Lily?”
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