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Chapter 268 No Man Doesn’t Like a Beautiful Woman Like Camille

  • “No.” What Dylan said was true. Having witnessed the interactions between Camille and Eric, it was Camille who always took care of him, while Eric took her efforts for granted.
  • “That’s right. How will a man treat a woman if he likes her?”
  • “That’s not necessarily true. Some men are chauvinists who are indifferent to their women in public but passionate in private,” I refuted. “Moreover, Camille and Eric are close to each other. Camille can go to Walker International as she pleases, while Eric treats her well. So far, she’s the only girlfriend of Eric that I’m aware of.”
  • “You’re right. No man doesn’t like a beautiful woman like Camille, and I believe Eric should be fond of her. However, due to her unique identity, she won’t be able to marry Eric and become Mrs. Walker.” It seemed to me that Dylan looked down on Camille.
  • What he said was mean, but I couldn’t refute him. Isabella told me that Camille had hooked up with Eric’s elder brother before. If that were true, Eric’s parents would never allow Camille to be part of their family.
  • When I reached home, my parents were still waiting for me in the living room. Apologetic, I said, “Mom, Dad is in poor health, so you should persuade him to sleep early. As a high blood pressure patient, he needs more rest.”
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