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Chapter 113 I’m Home

  • Carson’s answer was simple. ‘I'll go over right now.’
  • Jolene continued complaining about me. ‘Didn’t you say she wasn't up to something? I think she is craftier than anyone else. Today, she obviously wanted to frame your mother, but she seemed to have forgotten that I, the witness, will only tell you the truth.’
  • Jolene was making everything up on her own and framing me, yet Carson never replied.
  • It seemed like Carson still valued the child in my belly; he had been so worried that he couldn't even bother to deal with Jolene.
  • I sneered in my heart. If he knew that all of this wasn’t real, I really wondered what Carson would think. Suddenly, I felt really expectant on how he would look when he found out.
  • After exiting the mailbox, I called Isabella and asked her about the plan. Isabella said that Carson was still in Jolene's ward, and the person she arranged still had not gotten a chance yet.
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