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<p>Chapter 8 The Identity of Jolene's Boyfriend</p>

  • In fact, Jolene never had a boyfriend to begin with, while the person who she’d claimed to be her boyfriend was in fact an actor they hired, so the baby that b*tch bore actually belonged to Carson! Jolene’s baby belongs to Carson! It belongs to Carson Boyer!!
  • ...
  • That was all my brain could process at that instance as I totally lost my cool. “I’ll kill that b*tch!” I yelled as I ran outside.
  • My outburst shocked Isabella as she launched herself forward to restrain me and prevent me from leaving. “Lily, calm down! Please calm down!”
  • However, I could hardly calm down as I broke free of her hold on me before sending her crashing into the money tree she planted. Isabella let out a huff of air in pain, while I tried once again to escape.
  • “Lily, have you thought about what will happen to Keira after you are arrested for murdering Jolene?” she yelled from behind me, which managed to stop me in my tracks despite having reached the entrance.
  • While I turned to look at her with bloodshot eyes, she held a stern expression as she lashed out at me for the first time in her life, “Lilian Hawkins! I used to think you’re a smart person, so are you really going to ruin both you and Keira’s life over a pair of b*stards? Are they even worth your time? Lilian, how can you be such an idiot!”
  • Her words led me to burst into tears, while she held me in her arms as I sobbed. “But I feel so wronged! I gave them everything I had, so how could they do this to me?”
  • “Then take matters into your own hands to correct it! Dragging them down with you wouldn’t solve anything!” Isabella patted my back as she consoled me, “I knew how it felt to be betrayed by my own husband. I broke down when Jeremy cheated on me. However, you will have to heed your own advice for me back then. If you aren’t going to let them off the hook, you should ruin their lives and make sure you take back everything that you gave them!”
  • Jeremy Craig was Isabella’s husband who’d put her through the same ordeal that I was experiencing, but I was still stuck in my own emotions. “How could I take them back? Must I continue to share a bed with him? I can no longer tolerate his presence as soon as I recall the fact that he had sex with Jolene! It’s nauseating to exist in the same space as him!”
  • “What do you plan to do, then? Are you planning to file a divorce with him? Don’t be silly, as you won’t be able to kick him out of the house penniless if you do that. Besides, he might have already transferred those assets under his name, so your divorce would only serve to fulfill their wishes, as well as making room for Jolene, while you and Keira would have to bear the brunt of it!”
  • At the mention of Keira’s name, my heart trembled while I came to the realization that I shouldn’t act rashly. I still need to raise Keira, so I have to calm down.
  • “Lily, while everybody has their own reasons for doing things, you shouldn’t be acting rashly. If you don’t want Keira to be the victim of your divorce with Carson, you have to fight an undercover battle. You’ll have to prepare in secret before you snatch everything away from him for Keira’s sake. You're different from me, Lily. You have the means and the brains. If you can lead Carson to success, you can also make sure that he falls from grace, so this isn’t the time to wallow in self-pity. You’ll have to stand up for yourself and return everything they did to you tenfold!”
  • What Isabella said was a wake-up call for me, which made me realize that I was confused by the situation. Upon finding out that I had been wrapped around their little finger, as well as the fact that Jolene was pregnant with a child out of wedlock, my first reaction was to try to kill them in an attempt to avenge myself.
  • However, it was proof that I was blinded by rage, which wasn’t the best move I could make. I had to keep my cool while getting back up on my feet. I had to come up with a plan if I were to seek revenge. My phone rang at that moment with a call from Carson, which led me to grit my teeth upon recalling what he did.
  • While looking between my phone and the disgruntled look on my face, Isabella wore a frown as she spoke up, “Lily, that won’t do, as now isn’t the time to be brash. You’d better not think about seeking revenge if you can’t even suppress your emotions. For now, just let it go. Hand Carson over to Jolene so that they can happily reunite.”
  • Her words came as a blow to my ego, which made me take a deep breath while I clenched my fists. I swear I’ll never let that shameless couple off the hook!
  • Despite my burning rage, a brilliant plan slowly made its way into my mind...