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Chapter 13 Volunteer

  • It has been two weeks since I started to work in the De Villa’s company. After Black countered my question that was supposed to be his, I stopped talking and waited for my way out before I left without a word. I didn’t want to be near him. My skin would instantly shiver and my eyes wouldn’t be comfortable to meet his alluring gaze.
  • After he committed such confusing actions, my mind became chaotic in a way that I couldn’t understand it anymore. I pushed him away, gave him a hard slap and managed to make him push the button that connected the walls so I could get out, I didn’t mind the crowd at all. It was too much for me to mind it at that time.
  • For the past weeks, my time was better because we weren’t able to meet. I would go to a specific studio and do my part as their exclusive model with Mrs. Kim’s team. It’s Saturday and Mariel informed me that my schedule is free so I was planning to meet my parents and brothers not far away from the hotel that I’m in.
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