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Chapter 10 First Day Of Work

  • I hummed and not long after, we arrived. I pulled to park my car but soon, a guard stopped us. Mariel automatically went out and talked to the guard for a while before she told me to give my car keys to him and I obliged.
  • I went out, gave him my keys before he drove my car to park it at a more private place. Hmm, they truly treat me special.
  • “I’ll guide you to where the photoshoot will be held ma’am. It’s almost eight so I think they’re already inside.”
  • I nodded and followed her. Good thing that the building was more secured and the reporters couldn’t access here easily, I’ll be able to breathe properly and not act hysterical if someone would suddenly ask me some questions about me and Clyde’s issue in NYC.
  • The moment we went inside the huge building, the people stopped and looked at us, ----- looked at me. Some were obviously stunned and the majority of them acted so surprised to see me. I was once like them too, when I was still building my name in the industry. It always felt ecstatic when you meet your Idol in person.
  • “We can use this private elevator ma’am.”
  • I smiled to them and nodded to Mariel. Until the elevator closed, no one dared to cut their stares to me. I took off my glasses and listened to what Mariel was saying while waiting for the door to open.
  • “I’m sorry ma’am but I have to leave after taking you to the room since I’ll be taking an exam this morning.” She looked at me as if she was waiting for my answer.
  • I lifted my head and met her innocent gaze. “You told me that your brother is Harry Hemingway,…” I intentionally stopped before continuing. “Then why are you here Mariel? I read from a magazine that your brother is a billionaire, same with your boss which is his friend; then why are you working here?”
  • I saw how her eyes became uncomfortable behind her glasses. What I said about Harry being a billionaire was true, aside from the lie that I read it in a magazine. Even though I didn’t read it, of course I would know who Harry Hemingway is.
  • I cleared my throat and gave her a warm smile. “You don’t need to answer it now. I don’t know your reasons but I trust you.” Somehow, I was comfortable with her, like how I was feeling at ease with Harry before.
  • “T-thank you ma’am.” She stuttered but her expression was thankful. It was also when the elevator opened that we were able to get out and walked towards a big classy wooden door.
  • The moment she typed something, the door opened and we got inside a really spacious room. I almost felt speechless. How could this building have a secret room like this? The place was really neat and clean with its white wall.
  • “Miss Daño is here everyone!” Mariel announced with a most exciting voice.
  • All of them turned to look at me including the people who were busy dealing with the physical decorations. There was even a car inside! How were they able to get this car in?
  • This is a huge building and this is not even the ground floor to begin with. Well, since it’s my first time to model a car, I am still ignorant in some things. I often have an offer from clothing brands, jewelries, perfumes and beauty products, so this was a foreign set up for me.
  • “Oh my! She’s really beautiful in person.”
  • “Isn’t she one of the most top-paid models in the world?”
  • “Goodness! She looks like a goddess!”
  • I could hear their murmurs and I was pleased when I didn’t hear some negative things about me or the current issue about Clyde Smith and I.
  • “It’s our honor to have you as our model miss Bella. You’re really beautiful and an amazing model.” A woman in her late twenties said.
  • I smiled. “Thank you.”
  • “Since Miss Bella is here, we can start the preparations now and assist her. Lyn, you put some light makeup on miss Bella’s face since her skin is already fair.” A woman, whom I think was the photographer stated.
  • The beautification resumed. All of them were professional in handling everything. From the set up, the color combinations as well as the costume and makeup. It was all precise and excellent. I couldn’t even remember when Mariel left the room.
  • Since the theme of the car was hot, I was also wearing a shiny red blazer with only a sexy bra on. The lower part was shiny red trousers that complemented my skin well. It did fit me that highlighted my flat stomach.
  • It only took us almost two hours to shoot before Mrs. Kim, the photographer congratulated me for a job well-done. My first day of work wasn’t that bad at all.
  • “It’s a wrap!” Mrs. Kim clapped. “Congratulations everyone! Our first task was successfully done for just two hours.” She looked at me respectfully. “Thank you miss Bella.”
  • “It’s my honor instead to work with this amazing team Mrs. Kim.” I sincerely said. Three of the staff helped me fix myself before someone barged in while catching her breath. It was Alexa, my hairstylist earlier.
  • We looked at her, confused. “Everyone should act cool and formal.” She spat with nervousness in her voice. “He’s coming.” Who’s coming?
  • In just one second, all of them panicked yet they were able to control their nervousness when someone opened the door and got in. Since I was exploring my sight to everyone, I wasn’t able to know who it was. All I knew was that, the people in this room including Mrs. Kim acted formally with her shaky eyes.
  • “Good noon sir!” They all greeted.
  • I turned around and was slightly startled when I saw a dashing man who was wearing a gray suit that fits his gray fascinating eyes. The feeling of disgust crept into my nerves as it vibrated through my core.
  • He was with a nerdy man; maybe his secretary. “Mrs. Kim, your crew will be eating dinner tonight at the hall.” He then shifted his eyes to me. “I hope ‘MISS DAÑO’ wouldn’t mind joining them yeah?”
  • I cleared my throat as I spoke normally. “My schedule is free so yeah.”
  • “Then it’s settled. Everyone will be there to welcome our new exclusive model in the company.” He gave me a fast glance before he left with the nerdy man.
  • I tsk! His back became broader and he got taller too. His features were more enhanced and mature as well as his deep manly voice, yet his dominance and coldness still lingered.