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Chapter 352 I’m So Jealous

  • “Callum Foster!”
  • Max couldn’t take it anymore. Just as he was about to turn around and punch Callum again, he heard Caitlin saying coldly, “If you do anything again today, you can sleep in the study tonight.”
  • His fist froze in mid-air, then he glanced at her gloomily.
  • How could this woman use that to threaten me at a time like this?
  • He was so mad that he felt like he was about to spit up blood. On the other hand, Callum clearly looked like he was agitated too.
  • “What are you doing? Acting all lovey-dovey in front of me? I took a beating too! Moreover, I’m in worse shape compared to Max, alright? Caitlin, even if we are just friends, shouldn’t you feel bad for me too?”
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