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Chapter 47

  • Leonardo Point of View.
  • Lost.
  • I didn't know what to do. I was stuck in the midst of wanting to wash away my sins but didn't know how to.
  • I was so lost and I suddenly had no one to guide me or at least slap some sense in me. I loved her but I was the person who destroyed her too.
  • Do I want her back? Yes, if there is any ray of hope but first I want to pay for the things I did to her. I was drunk for many days and didn't care about my business at all. What is the use of earning money when the same money had made me blind with power and made me do sins after sins?
  • I wanted to tell her how sorry I am and how much of an a**h*le I am but can a simple sorry be enough for my behavior? Can a simple apology be able to cure the wounds I gave her?
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