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Chapter 14

  • Sienna point of view
  • "Okay, don't worry girl, I and Rick can manage for tonight. We'll tell everyone that you'll be staying at your master's tonight." Phoebe words relaxed me.
  • I'm not in the business of prostitution but it's being showed that I am. This is the only way that the two best people in my world could protect me from harm. The escort house has records of every girl and their customers for every day. My record shows that I'm a pleasure-ist to a night blindness person due to which I go to my customer in the morning rather than night.
  • "Thank you so much, Phoebe. I owe you a lot." I said telling her how lucky I am to have her.
  • "No need, honey. Remember there is no place for sorry and thanks in our friendship. But you should promise me that you won't be careless next time, okay?"
  • "Okay" I replied and nodded.
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