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Chapter 43

  • Leonardo Point of View
  • "Her head injury will be fine in three to four days so make a note to give her the medication as prescribed. But the disturbing thing is, she might not be completely conscious. She is in shock and disbelief so even if she's awake she might not be present mentally. I suggest you to get her a counsellor once her head is cured." Doctor said with concerned sigh and cleared his glasses looking worriedly towards Lilliput.
  • Not present mentally?
  • No, Please! What have I done?
  • "You mean – "Phoebe started but not completing the sentence with terrified sob.
  • "Yes, Mrs. Russo. She seems to be dead from inside. She's emotionally so drained that she might not be able focus any attention towards anyone. This is just a major possibility and I hope I am wrong." The doctor explained clearly and turned towards me and gave a quick nod walking away.
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