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Chapter 44

  • Sienna Point of View
  • "I don't know how all of you went through all these years of struggle and self-humiliation but I do know that you all are very strong. You ladies have the strength to fight against all odds and live a life you desired. I know what it feels like to be at the mercy of a man who doesn't know how to respect a woman and I am proud of you all that you never let negative in the world to consume you. And most importantly, I'm proud that I'm able to help you all in living your life freely." I said with a small smile to the group of women sitting before me on chairs.
  • "And we are happy that you are our teacher, Sienna." A lady from the fourth row said loudly with a smile to while other forty ladies nodded with happy glint in their eyes.
  • Their eyes held lots of stories, many emotions and depths of life they experienced till now. Every lady sitting here in front of me is an example of inner strength and inspiration for people who are weak to fight their own demon.
  • "I'm not your teacher, Vinny. I'm helping you all with a little accounting and management. That's it. If anything, I am learning many things from you all." I smiled at the ladies once again and turned towards the table to pick up my bag.
  • "We will learn about how to start a small business with less investment, tomorrow. Take care ladies. Have a nice day and don't miss tomorrow's class." I said smiling at each of them and walked out of my class.
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