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Chapter 5

  • I was in my office trying to finish some of the work but my mind wasn't in one place. I have a lot on my head right now.
  • I have a problem to fix in another werewolf pack in another state. It's one of the problems that I have to take off of my shoulders. Their alpha was attacked and killed by the vampires. When they saw that he was outnumbered, they used that advantage and killed him. That's what I was told by his men.
  • Now I have to get them a new alpha who will lead and protect them. I have to stage a fight between two powerful wolves and the winner will be the one to lead them.
  • I got up from my chair and stood at the window looking outside. Looking outside through the glass window, I saw a man that looks like the vampire I killed thirty years ago. I tensed up and rushed outside the house. I shifted and took off into the woods. I sniffed the air but I couldn't get his scent. I kept on running to see if I could get his scent.
  • I remember very well that vampires' scent. All vampires smell like death but his scent was very unique from other vampires. And I will never forget it. I was too deep in the woods but still I didn't find him or a scent of him, so I thought maybe it was just my imagination!!
  • I sprinted, going back towards the pack house. When the house came into view, I shifted back into my human and went inside. I opened the door to my room and slammed the door shut and went into my closet room. I grabbed whatever, put it on my naked body and headed downstairs to have dinner.
  • ~~~
  • I came into my office after dinner and after snapping at Catriona. I feel bad for snapping at her yet she was just trying to help. Seeing that vampire's ugly face, or the one I thought I saw broke me into pieces. It felt like I was back in my past. I fell on my office couch and dozed off.
  • I woke up and saw the time, it was already 23:40pm. I got up and went into my bedroom to take a shower. I opened the door and went straight to the bathroom. I came out of the shower drying my hair with a small towel, went in the closet and picked out my pajamas. I took them in my hand and went into the main bedroom.
  • I stood there stunned when I saw her sitting seductively on the edge of the bed waiting for me! "You are late." She said in a calm sweet voice.