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  • "Jason, please…"
  • His eyes glinted dangerously as he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me closer, causing his erect penis to brush against my thigh.
  • "Watch your tongue kitten," He warned, effortlessly keeping his face bland."Now address me properly."
  • "Alpha," I choked out. " I-I meant to say Alpha, please…" I would have said and done anything to agony his punishment. The things that flashed in his mind were horrible and degrading. Acts that could destroy one emotionally and mentally. He wanted to take me mind, body, and soul. A total submission but how could I give him all that. My identity was everything I was. I could not let that be stripped away from me. He was a more frightening version of my foster father. Then I had college to run to for shelter but here, there was no path to follow. There was no light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Give in to him, a voice in my head coerced. And it was right. I wanted to live. I wanted to understand why this happened to me and that could only happen if I submitted. So submit I did. I let him lead me into the bed and I did not protest when he sat behind me and proceeded to undress me. His touch sent shivers to my spine each time his callous fingers made contact with my skin but I made an effort to block my emotions. I would let him do what he wanted just so he could get over it.
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